Social Impact

Key to our social impact strategy is our Gender Value Action Plan, with which we are positioning ourselves to tackle prevalent gender issues affecting women in Uganda. As cooking is mainly done by them, they play the role of ‘managers of household energy’ and are by far the main beneficiaries of GBE’s products and services. Using these products and services, we aim to combat issues affecting them such as inequality at home, lack of financial empowerment, unhealthy livelihoods, dependency, and gender based violence.


  • Providing high quality products and services at a low price

  • Providing alternative healthy cooking solutions

  • We buy waste from 100 women suppliers in Kampala, who receive a stable wage and technical training

  • Recruiting women in the company (e.g. 40% of the sales and marketing department)

  • Our products have always been designed and developed in consultation with our women stakeholders

  • We partner with NGOs promoting women’s empowerment such as Living Goods, BRAC and Watoto

  • Our micro entrepreneurs B-points are held by 60% of women who are GBE’s ambassadors to the Bottom of the Pyramid.

Positive Impact of GBE's Products