Green Bio Energy (GBE) is a Kampala-based socially-oriented business whose primary focus is the promotion of green energy through innovative and self-sustaining solutions aimed at continuously improving the local population’s quality of life.

Who we are

We started operations in 2011, and have since then grown into a proficient network of people who develop and distribute cost-cutting, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products under the Briketi brand. Now with over 100 employees, partners and distributors, we are leaders in the promotion of green energy in East Africa. Among other things, our work seeks to promote women’s equality in Uganda. We aim to improve their lives by giving them better working solutions and offering them equal social and economic growth opportunities.

Why we act

GBE has developed an innovative method to bring large-scale production of clean energy solutions to new regions. We call it PAMOJA, which means ‘together’ in Swahili. PAMOJA is an Integrated Management and Manufacturing Model that creates independent companies which manufacture and sell energy efficient cookstoves and environmentally friendly briquettes. With this objective, each company remains unified through GBE’s central mission to continuously improve the local population’s quality of life through women empowerment and by fighting poverty, deforestation, and climate change.